"His work is bold, new, edgy and different... and I think he has a real voice. That's really rare and really exciting. He's passionate, he's dedicated, he's caring. I really believe in Mark."

Actress | Baby Driver, Downton Abbey

"The films that Mark's making have the cinematic hallmarks of a far more mature filmmaker. He has a knack for beautifully evocative storytelling, and an elegant visual style that seamlessly draws you in. His attention to detail and commitment to each aspect of filmmaking is truly impressive...And this is just the beginning!"

Writer, Director | Creep, Black Death, Severance

"Mark is a dream to work with. As a collaborator I have complete trust in his decision making; he has such a firm grasp of his story and characters and an inherently visual and cinematic style. He brings clear and exciting ideas to set, but is always open and excited to listen to his heads of departments to take these ideas further. I can’t wait to see what we do together next."

Cinematographer |
Woman In White, The Reel

"Having worked with Mark across both development and production, I have found him to be an extremely focused and very hardworking writer/director with a real passion for the process. He has a clear vision for his films while remaining open-minded and receptive to collaborators; his writing is atmospheric and his stories are told on a grand scale. On set he's calm under pressure and loved by actors."

Head of Development |
Salon Pictures